An animal which is under threat of extinction essay

Is It A Global Problem?

An animal which is under threat of extinction essay

Short essay on Wildlife in Danger Kanishka Advertisements: Species have been dying out since life began. In a way extinction is a part of the ecosystem. It is impossible to determine how many species have disappeared. Scientists estimate that go percent of the species that have ever lived have vanished.

It grew very much some 65 million years ago and the dinosaurs died out completely. The rate was gone up again in modern times. Since more than species of mammals, birds and other creatures have vanished from the earth. Now men are able to change the natural environment very rapidly.

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Many species of animals are not able to adapt to the changed conditions. This is the problem today. Such forces of change have to control to prevent extinction of wildlife. In the past unregulated killing of wildlife caused the extinction of species.

The North Atlantic Sea-bird, the auk was mercilessly killed for fish and fish bait. By it had vanished from the earth. Killing animals for hides and meat contributed largely to the extinction the gaggua, a South African Zebra.

In the last century the North American bison was almost exterminated for similar reasons. Killing for commercial and food purpose continues to threaten various cats, whales, sea-turtles and certain other creatures.

Relentless killing of animals in no longer considered as hunting. Hunting in many countries now is a regulated activity.

An animal which is under threat of extinction essay

Hunting of rare species is forbidden by law. The annual number of species to be hunted is fixed by acts. This number is replaces by fresh breeding in the following season. Slaughter is not the only cause for species vanishing from the sea earth.

The dodos once thrived on the island Mauritius. Many dodos were killed for food. Yet this was not the only threat to their survivals.

The worst threat came from the rats and pigs that ate away the eggs of the dodos from their nests. The dodos built their nests on the earth. Wolves and tigers would have declined in numbers even if they had not been hunted.

Many men have invaded the forests and destroyed the wilderness of the habit of wolves and tigers. Destruction of habitat is the greatest threat of wildlife.

The other forms of thereat are overgrazing by live stock, population of air and water deforestation, the establishment of towns and factories. There are many ways to find out to what extent a species is endangered. The most obvious is by numbers. There are about only six enchoparakeet living on Mauritius now.

Their number has come down because of the destruction of their habitats. Poaching and deforestation has reduced the number of the Javah rhinoceros to a few dozen only.

There are other ways to gudge the extent of thereat to the life of a species.Top 10 animals in danger of extinction. Most of them are caused directly or indirectly by man.

Only ambitious plans for protection can save these fascinating species. Javan rhinoceros. Cheetah. Hi, This is surprising because I love some of the animals that are endangered or at risk of extinct. The panda, the tiger, the blue whale and the pile gorilla.

These are just a few types of animals critically endangered with extinction. In fact, according to the IUCN Red List, about 22 percent of most mammal kinds are threatened by extinction.

This list of animals is only an introduction to a very large number around the world under threat of extinction. For a more comprehensive examination visit the Edge of Existence. Animals under threat Animals under threat. Conservation is critical and species are under threat. Here are just some of the animals we're fighting to protect.

The places we work The places we work. We're working here in the UK and all over the world to make a global impact on conservation. The animal world is an integral element of the natural environment and Earth's biological diversity. The main ecological function of animals is participation in the biotic circulation of substances and energy.

In this essay on extinction of animals I want to pay attention on such problem. Read about how human activity like agriculture, trade, and conflict have driven six species to near extinction.

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