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Home Jane Maxwell T She had exceptional empathy, limitless compassion, a generous spirit, and a unique gift for making special connections with people of all ages. Regardless of who you were or where you came from, she would make you feel like the most important person in the world.

Compassion project

Due to life being filled with stressful factors, especially when it comes to our work environment, studies or having too much to do and too little time, stress is identified as the number one cause of weight gain and even as the silent killer sometimes.

The Compassion project Between Stress and Weight Gain Stress can be good in moderation, but when your body is faced with high levels thereof, it might not be good at all. When we are stressed, we tend to push ourselves harder in our work environmentsschool, college, or whatever we are faced with, but it can also turn out to be very bad for us.

The effect of high levels of stress on the body results in an increase in the hormone, known as cortisol, which commonly rises under pressure and typically occurs Compassion project the body holding onto weight, which it can either be water weight, or visceral fat.

How to Stop Gaining Weight with Stress If you want to prevent weight gain, caused by stress, there are a few things you can do to counter it.

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Something as simple as following a well-balanced diet and getting enough exercise, are just two lifestyle factors, which will help aid in your resistance to gaining weight.

Exercise — Known as one of the best methods to lose weight and reduce stress, exercise is better than any other weight loss plan, remedy or medication you can think of to combat weight gain. Not only does it aid in heart, body, metabolism and mental health, but it also helps your body and mind to remain peaceful, calm, relaxed and even fight off depression or stress.

Exercise also helps lower blood pressure, reduces your blood sugar levels and can improve LDL cholesterol. Avoid Caffeine — Since caffeine increases cortisol levels more than stress ever could, to avoid increasing it and ultimately gaining weight, one must avoid it altogether.

While many believe that caffeine can curb hunger, it encourages you to consume more food, especially carbs and sugar. Meditate Meditating can come in many different forms. It can mean to meditate physically, reading a book or even just taking a hot bath.

It can be anything that avoids your body from being stressed and can aid in your body connecting to your mind and also leave your mind fit. By meditating regularly, you can help balance your cortisol levels and as a result, reduce stress and weight gain altogether.

Get Enough Shut-Eye A lack of sleep is known to raise cortisol levels and is also considered to be one of the major causes of depression.

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It is thus essential for both your mental and physical health.How to Cultivate Compassion in Your Life - StepsDevelop a morning initiativeblog.comce initiativeblog.comce initiativeblog.comce relief of initiativeblog.comce the act of kindness.

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Compassion project

Project Compassion began in when Gloria White visited a friend living in a nursing home. She was stunned by the number of residents who had no visitors. It started as a one-to-one visitation program and that is still the heartbeat of the organization.

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The Compassion Project is a first-of-its-kind national initiative to provide compassion education to elementary school students across the US.

Our mission is simple: To ensure that every primary school student in the US understands what compassion is and how to practice it in their lives.


“The Appleton Compassion Project” is a community art project involving 10, Appleton Area School District K art students. In Fall , participating students received a 6-inch-byinch art panel to draw or paint their idea of compassion. The Compassion Project, Memphis, Atlanta, New Orleans, ; Birmingham, Alabama, The Compassion Project, Spring Street, Atlanta, GA, The Compassion Project.

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