Educating rita humour essay

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Educating rita humour essay

How to Write a Summary of an Article? People in society learn to experience growth and cope with change in the world and themselves.

Educating rita humour essay

At the beginning of the play the audience comes to understand Rita changes her name from Susanne to Rita. This is significant as it shows an indication that she wants to transform herself, leaving her past behind her.

Frank however is wearing a formal suit, dark and professional colours which demonstrate to the audience that the image being portrayed is different to what his personality is. This is also showing that although Frank is dressed professionally he is still a drunk.

Frank is teaching because he has to not because he wants to. This shows how his passion is not there. Frank does not experience a positive change throughout the play.

Franks therefor is depicting that he is teaching Rita for the money, although Rita knows this she does not pay mind to it as she is getting an education she is happy. Rita feels as though she is socially disadvantaged as she is not educated with her working class neighbourhood.

The use of facial expression is used in the visual text to portray feeling and a sense of understanding. Rita looking up at Frank shows her wanting him to understand how much she wants an education.

This shows Rita maturing as a working class citizen. But I had a choice. Franks facial expression is less enthusiastic. Although Frank understands Rita wants an education he does not understand why she wants one now.

What you already have is valuable. Frank is also having to make choices too. Frank feels as though he has forced Rita into losing her touch with parts of herself which were unique and precious.

It is this choice he makes into him being sent to Australia at the end of the play. The use of symbols used in the visual text is used to demonstrate an understanding of the world around the two protagonists, Frank and Rita. The window is set behind the two characters but is significant as it is referred to a lot in the play.

Rita always looking out of the window to the educated class of people sitting on the grass gives a certainty of her need to escape and to become educated.

He always has an alcoholic drink with him this shows he has a problem.

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Although Rita uses the window to escape, Frank uses it as a deception. He does not want to change he is satisfied with how he is. Frank does not accept change from choices that have been made. The visual text reveals Rita as an enthusiastic student who wants an education to change her life and her past choices.

The text also reveals Frank of his consequences. The play Educating Rita mostly supports this.About Educating Rita 'One way of describing Educating Rita would be to say that it was about the meaning of education Another would be to say that it was about the meaning of life.

A third, that it is a cross between Pygmailion and Lucky Jim. Oct 13,  · The use of dialogue in the play Educating Rita (a spoken text, presented to the responders in written form) by Willy Russell and the film, Good Will Hunting by Gus Van Sant, explore the way dialogue brings characters to life for the responders.

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Educating rita Essay ‘Educating Rita’ by Willy Russell Themes Class, Culture This is a play that makes us think about class and culture- how different they are for people and also their impact on people’s lives and opportunities. Essay about Humour within the Play Educating Rita - Humour within the Play Educating Rita Educating Rita has survived as a popular play in production because Willy Russell successfully combines humour with serious themes.

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