How to write a design brief ibis

Design documentation ranges from formal design specifications, often following a rigorous standard imposed by an outside agency, to informal notes contained in the notebooks of the individual designers. One type of documentation that is often only recorded informally, if recorded at all, is design rationale DR - the reasons behind the design decisions and, in some cases, a record of what decisions were not made and why. This information could be valuable for many reasons, both during the design process, and later when the designed artifact requires modification. There have been many systems developed to capture and use rationale and several survey papers comparing them.

How to write a design brief ibis

It was substantially revised and re-posted on October 2, with a very happy seventh birthday to my daughter, Claire Caroline Wren — usually known as Clioand sometimes Wren Bird.

Amateur ornithologists of the world, unite!

how to write a design brief ibis

There are dozens of bird names for girls. Some are mainstream favorites, while others are bold — maybe even too bold to be given names. But every one of the bird names for girls on this list could work, if only in the middle spot.

Bird Names for Girls: The name ranked 4 in the US in Phoebe — Phoebe means bright, and it was the name of a moon goddess in Greek mythology. The Edgar Allan Poe poem takes Raven in a darker, almost gothic direction. In recent years, Robin has trended upwards for boys and girls alike. Though, as with many Japanese names, the meaning ultimately depends on the kanji used to write the name, and several other meanings are possible.

Giving Voice to Values

Birdie can be short for Elizabeth, Bernadette, Barbara, or another traditional name with a strong B sound. But it works independently, too. Merle — The gender-neutral Merle was in favor in the s and 20s.

Paloma — Actor and pacifist Pablo Picasso was the first. Rhea — A rhea is a large, flightless bird, cousin to the ostrich. The bird was named after the goddess in the s and stuck.

Wren entered the US Top inand climbed to this year. The Truly Daring Aderyn — One of my favorites! This modern Welsh name literally means bird. Emphasis is on the middle syllable, but you could certainly shorten this one to Addietoo.

A word of warning: The lyrics are all about catching the lark and plucking its feathers, the better to roast the bird. Still, I think it would make a pretty and unexpected name for a girl, or a great, bold middle name choice.

Instead, Avis is likely Germanic in origin. Branwen — Another Welsh import, and one of the more subtle avian names for girls. Bran means raven, and the -wen comes from gwen — fair.

A celandine is a flower, but it derives from the Greek word for a swallow. Columba comes from the Latin for dove. Dove — A very literal bird name with peaceful overtones. Kestrel — Another literal bird name, this time a type of falcon.

Sound-wise, it falls somewhere between Lola and Noa, and could wear surprisingly well. Technically, Luscinia is the genus that includes the nightingale, as well as several related birds.

Sarika — From the Sanskrit for myna bird — a thoroughly exotic, and yet completely accessible choice.

Sephora is a simplified form of Tzipporahthe wife of Moses. It comes from a Hebrew word meaning bird. Starling — Borrowed directly from the bird, a creature found in nearly every corner of the Earth.

There are plenty of related names to consider. It could be an intriguing middle name possibility. The Eurasian teal has distinctive bluish-green markings. Zipporah — Another form of Sephora, one that skews closer to the Biblical original.Translated documents are for reference only.

We recommend that you refer to the English-language version of a document if you are engaged in development of a design. 23A/23K K SPI Bus Low-Power Serial SRAM Data Sheet. MachXO3 FPGA family provides instant-on, non-volatile, small- footprint FPGAs for bridging applications such as MIPI DSI/CSI-2 interfaces.

Fuji 18mm f The 18mm is probably the most underrated and most forgotten lens in the X lineup right now. It’s small. It’s light. It’s sharp.

It’s fast. While it isn’t quite as quick in the AF department as the newer lenses tend to be, it still isn’t a slouch.

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