Landscape photography business plan example

In the 21st century, chances are huge that new clients will find you through a Google search, a picture shared on Instagram, or a positive comment left by their friends on Facebook. The tools they offer are mostly free and very easy to use. Now all you need are your first developed concepts.

Landscape photography business plan example

Edger Self-Propelled commercial mower Home office equipment: Pest control, pruning of shrubs and trees, fertilizer treatments, mulch service, grass cutting, trimming and edging and the removal of debris. This segment group is most likely to use a landscaping service such as YLS due to their upper income levels and larger yards.

John Smith lives in a neighborhood The Moors with his parents that currently provides many clients for YLS and with a new energized marketing campaign should provide a solid additional base to the YLS portfolio.

During the second year John will expand service offerings outside of The Moors. This expansion will be done using advertisements in the local community newspaper and local internet advertising.

Much of this campaign will focus on the services that have already been provided throughout The Moors and highlighting the high level of quality and professionalism that was used using before and after photography.

During the second year John will begin to use advertising in the local newspaper to generate additional business, along with some local internet advertising.

The last two weeks of the month John will begin aggressively canvassing The Moors development to increase an already strong customer base. Month two will see some increased business levels. The business will continue to grow as John further pursues his marketing campaign within the current development.

Month two through the end of October will see a steady rise in the revenue of YLS. Business will again pick up in year two during the month of April.

Measuring your cost of doing business (CODB) It is true that business ideas abound, however, it is even truer that one ventures into the type of business they are conversant with and one that can assure good returns on investment. One of such businesses that you may consider going into is the landscaping business.

From February to April John will be working on new account generation outside of The Moors development and expanding to other nearby developments.

Also, two new additional employees will be brought on board to service the new landscaping accounts. The completion of writing this new business plan.

This will give YLS a roadmap for its new anticipated growth. Setting up the new home office.


Signing up the 34th new client. He started mowing lawns when he was ten and since that time has steadily grown his account base. It is now time to expand on several years of hard work and that was the purpose of writing this business plan. John has all the experience that is necessary to run a larger landscape business and this business plan will provide a detailed roadmap for him to accomplish his ambitious goals.

Also, include how this funding will be sufficient to cover all start-up cost requirements that are included in the Start-Up Table. For example, break down the percentage increase in sales and profits, your gross margin, and important budget items.The Art, Science, and Craft of Great Landscape Photography [Glenn Randall] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

The Art, Science, and Craft of Great Landscape Photography teaches photographers how to convert their visual peak experiences-moments of extraordinary natural beauty that evoke a sense of wonder and awe-into stunning images that elicit the same awestruck .

A photography business must have a business plan that will help them identify all the things that they need to know before starting the business.

Other than sample photography business plans, you can also download our Sample Plans that you may use in different businesses and other functions. November 12th We are back from teaching the Fine Art Summit with Jeff Schewe in Moab Utah.

landscape photography business plan example

The photograph featured above was taken during the three-days Field Workshop that follows the Summit. This event was a blast, thanks to All the participants and to Jeff Schewe who did a fantastic job teaching the intricacies of Lightroom. Download photography business plan template for absolutely free and enjoy making your own detailed startup plan quickly and easily with all necessary strategies for an effective plan with the help of pre-included examples.

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