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Listed below are the methods to apply for an alcohol and drug counseling license. For each application method, you will find a brief description of the requirements you need to meet in order to apply.

Lpcc flash cards

Higher Order Needs Any need which is not physiological, also known as Metaneeds. Mongolism Down Syndrome has also been called Mongolism due to the slanted eyes.

The sequence of behavior will not very. Robert Kegan Stated the client can make meaning in the face of a crisis and can find new direction. His six stages of life development include: Equilibration The balance between what one takes in assimilation and that which is changed accommodation.

ACA division that deals with multicultural counseling issues. Macroculture The majority culture, it is the dominant culture or culture that is accepted by the majority.

Culture Epoch Theory All cultures pass through the same stages of development in terms of evolving and maturing. Eric Berne Father of Transactional Analysis, suggested the group is held together by a bond between the leader and the group members. Emile Durkheim One of the founders of modern sociology.

Believed in eugenics, by which more desirable people can be bread. Civil Rights Act of Prohibited discrimination for reasons of gender, race, religion or national origin.

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Leon Festinger Stated friendship and attraction are highest for apartment dwellers living next door to each other. Propinquity People who are in close proximity to each other are attracted to each other.

John Dollard and Neal Miller Came up with the frustration-aggression theory, which states when people become blocked and cannot achieve a goal, they become frustrated which leads to aggression.

Cognitive Dissonance Theory Devised by Leon Festinger, suggested individuals are motivated to reduce tension and discomfort, thus putting an end to the dissonance.

Mores Beliefs regarding the rightness or wrongness of behavior. If Mores are broken, people are often punished, often via legal action. Fokeways Similar to Mores, but often cause embarrassment thus the punishments are lighter and often do not account for legal action.

Clemmont Vontress Suggested multicultural counselors would do well to remember that we all are part of a universal culture. Holophrases One or two word sentences often spoken to children one year of age or older, often occurs before the age of four.

Emory Bogardus Developed a social distance scale which evaluated how an individual felt towards other ethnic groups. Culture Defined primarily via norms and values.I made flash cards, and seldom used them, but the mere act of writing down the various stages of development or what the side effects of MAOIs are helped me retain this knowledge for the long run.

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Lpcc flash cards

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Lpcc flash cards
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