Maritime lawsafe ports essay

In the diplomatic conference, it was agreed upon that maritime security measures will be accepted internationally by January 1,and in force six months later by July 1, worldwide. The new security code is the first multilateral ship and port security standard ever created. It requires nations to develop port and ship security plans primarily as a safeguard against the threat of terrorist attacks. It also provides for a standard framework in helping governments to evaluate risks in case of threat to ship and port facilities.

Maritime lawsafe ports essay

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I picked interest in the competition in when I discovered that the competition was held annually and so I started listening to Ships and Ports radio daily and also found the website very interesting, as it bears a lot of information on diverse topics. Bolaji Akinola said the essay was instituted to make young people pick interest in maritime business and to also contribute intellectually to the development of the maritime sector.

Sadly government neither understands nor appreciates the potentials of the maritime industry. He is the only president that showed understanding of the importance of shipping and the larger maritime sector.

Now they are all talking revenue generation. Regulation has been relegated to the background because of money and they are not even making the money.

The Customs too has abandoned trade facilitation and is talking only money.

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The national automotive policy and the policy on rice importation are some of the bad policies this government inherited from the past government and we expect this government to review them but it has not. The damage these policies are doing to our country is great.

Nigerian governments continue to make unfavourable policies that favour neighbouring countries and we create jobs for the Republic of Benin because their dockworkers do the discharge of the ships. Vice President Osinbajo during the campaigns in Lagos promised that the APC government would review the auto policy but more than one year after nothing has been done.

He also admonished the winners in the essay competition to take interest in the maritime sector. Also handy at the prize presentation ceremony was multiple award winning investigative journalist, Emmanuel Mayah who lauded the participants for their interest in national issues and charged them to keep contributing to national discourse.

Our reactions to important national issues have been so disheartening. Maritime is technical and the more we become aware of it the better for us as a nation. It is our duty to develop ourselves and benchmark what we do with what people do in developed nations.

After oil, maritime is the next biggest income earner. Permission to use quotations from this article is granted subject to appropriate credit given to www.Essays; Maritime Port Security; Maritime Port Security. 5 May Security; Prompted by the US, the IMO agreed to make security amendments to he Safety of Life at Sea Convention (SOLAS).

Parties to the IMO and SOLAS convention finalized these amendments at a diplomatic held at the IMO in December in London.

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The. The law, especially the Port Marine Safety Code, places heavy powers and duties on harbour authorities for the effective accounting and management of all particular risks inherent to a port.

This process is based on a competent risk assessment. Maritime Port Security. The International Maritime and Port Security Act, which was also earlier discussed as Title Xl of the Omnibus Diplomatic Security and Antiterrorism Act, was also amended to require an annual report to be submitted to Congress on threats of terrorism to US ports and vessels.

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Maritime lawsafe ports essay

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Under the Secretary’s authority, a vessel’s clearance to entry in the US may be refused or revoked upon violation of the PWSA (The Subcommittee on Coast Guard and Maritime Transportation, ). The Omnibus Diplomatic Security and Antiterrorism Act of expanded the authority of the Coast Guard.

Essay on The Effect of Climate Change on Maritime Zones. The problem of climate change refugees and resettlement also pose challenges. Competition for scarce marine and natural resources could intensify, leaving countries like RMI - in dire straits. Loss of maritime zones, domestic, regional and international security.

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