Misleading research

The paper is full of assertions that conflict with what we know about protons and black holes. You can check out my analysis of that paper here if you want — I'm very open to challenges if you feel I've made any errors or false assumptions.

Misleading research

With the rise of advanced technology and globalized operations, statistical analyses grant businesses an insight into solving the extreme uncertainties of the market.

Studies foster informed decision-making, sound judgments and actions carried out on the weight of evidence, not assumptions.

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As businesses are often forced to follow a difficult-to-interpret market road map, statistical methods can help with the planning that Misleading research necessary to navigate a landscape filled with potholes, pitfalls and hostile competition. Statistical studies can also assist in the marketing of goods or services, and in understanding each target markets unique value drivers.

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If all this true, what is the problem with statistics? Actually, there is no problem per se — but there can be. Get our free checklist on ensuring data collection and analysis integrity! What Is A Misleading Statistic? Misleading statistics are simply the misusage — purposeful or not — of a numerical data.

As an exercise in due diligence, we will review some of the most common forms of misuse of statistics, and various alarming and sadly, common misleading statistics examples from public life.

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Statistical reliability is crucial in order to ensure the precision and validity of the analysis. To make sure the reliability is high, there are various techniques to perform — first of them being the control tests, that should have similar results when reproducing an experiment in similar conditions.

Misleading research

However, the telling of half-truths through study is not only limited to mathematical amateurs. A investigative survey by Dr. There are different ways how statistics can be misleading that we will detail later. The most common one is of course correlation versus causation, that always leaves out another or two or three factor that are the actual causation of the problem.

Did we forget to mention the amount of sugar put in the tea, or the fact that baldness and old age are related — just like cardiovascular disease risks and old age? You can be the judge. The misuse of statistics is a much broader problem that now permeates through multiple industries and fields of study.

Here are a few potential mishaps that commonly lead to misuse: Faulty polling The manner in which questions are phrased can have a huge impact on the way an audience answers them.

Specific wording patterns have a persuasive effect and induce respondents to answer in a predictable manner. These two questions are likely to provoke far different responses, even though they deal with the same topic of government assistance.

Another unfair method of polling is to ask a question, but precede it with a conditional statement or a statement of fact. Staying with our example, that would look like this: They provide great insight, often more so than the answers. Flawed correlations The problem with correlations is this: That means there will likely be six possible explanations:III.

On the basis of this Order and Respondents’ Offers, the Commission finds that: A. Respondents 1.

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Weiss Research, Inc. is a privately-held Florida corporation headquartered in Jupiter. Viceroy Research. At the peak of tulip mania, in March , some single tulip bulbs sold for more than 10 times the annual income of a skilled craftsman.

Hyperpartisan Facebook Pages Are Publishing False And Misleading Information At An Alarming Rate. A BuzzFeed News analysis found that three big right-wing Facebook pages published false or misleading information 38% of the time during the period analyzed, and three large left-wing pages did so in nearly 20% of posts.

Jun 08,  · I've said a number of times that Nassim Haramein is misleading people, and I'd like to try to make it crystal clear why. Traducción al español y la discusión aquí. The 50 percent statistic is very misleading, if not completely wrong.

"The demographics of divorce are routinely reported wrong, calculated wrong or misinterpreted," says Robert Hughes, a former professor in the Department of Human & Family Services, College of Human Environmental Science, University of Missouri-Columbia.

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