The consequences of the 2009 station fire in northern la

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The consequences of the 2009 station fire in northern la

Weather conditions[ edit ] Pyrocumulus cloud from the Station Fire towers over the skyline of downtown Los AngelesCalifornia. Invasive, non-native vegetation dies and re-sprouts year after year creating an unnatural buildup of dead plant material.

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The combination of high temperatures, low humidity and a large quantity of tinder-dry fuel, some of which had not burnt for decades, allowed some of the normal fires to quickly explode out of control despite the lack of winds to spread the flames.

These conditions, along with extreme terrain in many undeveloped areas that slowed access to burn areas, made firefighting difficult.

Notable fires[ edit ] Picture of Los Angeles fires in August Photo was taken from Universal Studios Hollywood. Dozens of fires burned throughout California in August Some of the most notable are listed here.

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Map courtesy of the United States Forest Service. The community of Foresta was evacuated but residents were allowed to return on September 4. It took firefighters, 24 engines, and a helicopter to put out. The cause was undetermined as of July 18, This fire is close to the location of the Mammoth Fire.

The cause was undetermined as of August 28, Although it burned only acres 0. The fire extensively damaged 3 more homes and 6 more businesses. The fire quickly spread north and east.

No cause has been identified. Some plant species endemic to the area, including the endangered Santa Cruz manzanitapropagate only after fire, potentially allowing these rare species to proliferate for the first time in decades.

One residence destroyed with structures threatened and evacuations in place for north Ormsby Cutoff until October Two residences in Yuba County burned and power lines transporting electricity from a hydroelectric facility were threatened.

Mandatory evacuations were in place for all Wrightwood residents October 4—6; the fireline held at 0. Five structures had been destroyed in the Lone Pine and Swarthout Canyon areas including one residence.

The consequences of the 2009 station fire in northern la

Eight firefighters have been injured but no fatalities have been reported. The fire burned 8, acres Governor Schwarzenegger declared a state of emergency.

The fire, which started between Fillmore and Moorparkhas caused the evacuation of almost homes in Meridian Hills and Bardsdale ; about 1, structures were threatened, in addition to oil pipelines in the area. The cause of the fire is still unknown.The Station Fire in northern LA burned about , acres of land.

The fire cause the trees to not only become weak/dead, it also killed the acorns it used to plant the next generation tree with. For example, in Colorado, the 35,ha High Park Fire in may have created opportunities for wilderness fire in the 3,ha Cache La Poudre Wilderness, previously thought to be too small to manage fire.

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An estimated $23 billion in property damage occurred as a result of fire in , a large increase, as this number includes a $10 billion loss in wildfires in Northern California.

An estimated 22, structure fires were intentionally set in , an increase of 13% over the year before. During World War II, Santa Barbara was home to Marine Corps Air Station Santa Barbara, and Naval Reserve Center Santa Barbara at the harbor. Up the coast, west of the city, was the Army's Camp Cooke (the present-day Vandenberg Air Force Base).

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