The history of musical theatre essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. But how exactly did this powerful art form originate? And from then on, how did it evolve to become the spectacularly vivacious being that it is today?

The history of musical theatre essay

Auditions History of the Theatre The curtain is about to go up on the th Season of Lakewood Theatre, the oldest summer theatre in America. Originally an Indian camp ground, the homestead of Joseph Hayden, and a meeting place for spiritualists, the Lakewood Theater area was a swampy amusement park at the turn of the twentieth century when Herbert L.

Swett took over as manager in This is considered the birthday of Lakewood Theater as we know it today. The theater and summer colony that would flourish on the western shore of Lake Wesserunsett was the vision of this Bangor native and graduate of Bowdoin College.

In its "Hey Day," betweenthis jewel of America's resident stock companies was the major summer tryout for productions hoping for success on Broadway. One of the longest running play on Broadway, Life with Father, premiered at Lakewood in The stock company was the training ground for promising young talent--talented they were and famous many of them would become.

A "Who's Who" of silent screen, Broadway, movies, and television have passed through the back stage door. Lakewood Theatre held onto its resident company format until when it joined with other theaters on the east coast in presenting package productions.

Patrons wanted to see their favorite television stars. The Swett Family sold the Theatre in and for the next 15 years owners came and went. And for a time, no one came and no one went. Then, in the summer ofthe dust billowed across the parking lot as a rattletrap clunker driven by a woman with wild frizzy hair and a perpetual smile led a procession of pickups trucks to the rear of the Theater.

The community theater group had agreed to perform three plays over a six week period. Six weeks became another summer, became a decade, became two decades, became a quarter century of performing--restoring, repairing, renovating--and loving this grand old Theatre.

Comedies, dramas, musicals, and children's shows are again presented on the stage of the magnificent Theater. Exceptional performances are on stage from late-May to mid-September. Each fall the Lakewood Jesters, an audience friendly group of adults, offers the unforgettable experience of live theatre to more than students from K-Grade 4.

Talented, creative young people between the ages of 6 and 18 can attend one of three two-week sessions, concluding with a Saturday morning production with costumes, make-up, sets, and music before a live audience.

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Advanced teens participate in a three-week session during which they produce their own show Inthe Lakewood Inn Restaurant offered a two week culinary school for young people. We strive to maintain her gleaming white facade as we fix leaks, jack up sills, modernize bathrooms, paint, carpet, and landscape.

The maintenance of the large building and its grounds is a constant process--consuming time and money.

The history of musical theatre essay

Every other row of seats was removed for more leg room and the seats are currently being sanded, re-finished and re-upholstered. A new red curtain was hung and the light board has been replaced.

History of the Theatre

Five gas heaters were installed, extending the season into the spring and fall. The Green Room and six dressing rooms have been refurbished.

The dressing room walls have been sealed to preserve the fading signatures.What is the theatre about? Why do millions of people around the world go to the theatre to enjoy what the greatest playwrights and actors left behind in history?/5(11).

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What was the historical significance of this theater, and what did it represent?

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What. Ben Brantley, Charles Isherwood and other New York Times Critics on the plays and musicals currently open in New York City. Musical Theatre Renaissance The antecedents of musical theatre in Europe can be traced back to the theatre of ancient Greece, where dance and music were included in stage comedies and tragedies during the 5th century BCC.

The 3rd-century BCC Roman comedies of Plateaus included song.

The history of musical theatre essay

Essay Question – Analyse Musical Theatre. In the 21 st Century The purpose of this essay is to discuss and analyse musical theatre in the

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