Travelling by boat essay

Boat - Wikipedia A boat is a watercraft of a large range of sizes designed to float, plane, work or travel on water. Small boats are typically found on inland waterways e.

Travelling by boat essay

Journey by a boat can be a very interesting experience but, it can spell danger as well.


This is what I have learned by my one and only and the first experience at boating. During the summer vacations we had gone to for our holidays as, there lived a few of our relatives and friends. At Varanasi, the Ganges flows at its bloom and that is what I had wanted to enjoy and I had never lived near any expanse of water, me the very sight of water thrills me to Varanasi Had gone all of us, my parents and my elder brother, when was just about seven years old.

Since I was always fon4 0f any water expanse, the thought of going to a place where I would be able to be near and see the Ganges made feel very excited.

Within my mind I had already planned to 80 to the Ganges and enjoy the trip. Theie, at Varanasi, we were a group of six of us all of the same group I being the youngest.

Every day we used to Play and go out together. One day while we were playing, mZ elder brother who is also very fond of water planned with the others that, the next day we would visit the Ganges, and there go for a boating spree.

Travelling by boat essay

My brother and I knew that, if We told our parents about the plan they would not allov us to go alone, so, we kept it a secret from them. The next morning we just told them that we were all going out for sightseeing in the town, and they obviously allowed us so now all the six of us got together and went to the venire of the river.

At the banks of the Ganges, there were a number of ghats and a number of boats plying through the length and breadth of the water. The very sight of the Ganges excited me and I eagerly waited to enter a boat and start rowing. When enquiries were made, we were told that people go upto the middle of the river for different purposes.

Some go to the middle of the river to pray, some for fishing, some for picnics and some like us just to have some fun. There were boats of different sizes to cater to the different needs, and for us to go just for a short while for boating for fun, was the smallest boat.

Travelling by boat essay

Finally we hired the boat which was supposed to be enough for us six and the boatman, and boarded it. My excitement knew no bounds as we moved towards the boat. We boarded the boat and off we went with the boatman rowing the boat at quite a good speed. I was absolutely thrilled and my pleasure knew no bounds when the boatman offered us to try our hands at rowing the boat one by one.

He told us that, he would not allow me to row the boat as; he thought I was too young to do the same. Soon one by one each of the other five had their hand at the oar and each one was very happy about the attempt.

As soon as they had all finished their turns, the boatman said that now he would take up the oar and hearing this I started crying and howling as, I also wanted an opportunity to row the boat. The boatman opposed the idea but, as I continued to howl, my elder brother requested him to allow me just for a while.

To my brother's request the boatman yielded and aha, I had got my way and I sat in position to row the boat. It was great fun and I felt as though I was on top of the world, rowing the boat. The boat was turned by the boatman to return to the bank and then, since I was still crying, he handed it over to me on the request of my elder brother.

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I could hardly have been at the oar for a minute that I felt that the boat had almost overturned and there I was in the river and there was utter commotion in and near the boat. The ihciment I fell, I started shouting for help as, I knew nothing abput swimming. My elder brother took over the oar and the boatman jumped into the water to rescue me.

My brother later told rne that I had fainted due to the shock, and, if it were not for the boatman I am sure I would have drowned that day. The damage was not much I was only shocked even though it could have been fatal.

Thanks for the comments Megan. Yes, we loved Cartagena and Colombia in general. Agree with you about Central America – we really didn’t like Costa Rica and I have a few rants on the blog about that. Essay about travelling alone by boat. Guide to creative writing essays essay on market structures of competition medical essay samples for toefl. Essay for freedom my best friend on boxing essay a rainy day, stay in school essay grade 1 narrative essay features grandmother death why volunteer essay love music creative art and writing of smart. In "Self-Reliance," philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson argues that polite society has an adverse effect on one's personal growth. Self-sufficiency, he writes, gives one the freedom to discover one'strue self and attain true independence.

We took some time to rest and for the trauma of the experience to settle down and we left for home. The only thing that I will never repeat is, never being obstinate, and realise my position and capacity.We will write a custom essay sample on Travel by boat or by train: Advantages and disadvantages specifically for you for only $ $/page.

Order now By train, even on the short trips outside the city or intercity routes, most travelers are going to take the train most of the time over cars or buses.

Charles J. Moore is an oceanographer and boat captain known for articles that recently brought attention to the 'Great Pacific Garbage Patch', an area of the Pacific Ocean strewn with floating plastic debris which is three times the size of Texas.

Short Essay On Travelling By Boat Words Sample Essay on a Boat Journey - Preserve Articles 25 Aug There were boats of different sizes to cater to the different needs, and for us to go just for a short while for boating for fun, was sample business plan funeral home the smallest boat.

Free sample essay on a Journey by Boat for kids. A journey by boat is always very pleasant. It has a charm of its own. Rowing a boat provides a lot of fun. Last summer I had the opportunity to go to Mauritius for about a week. We stayed in a hotel, which was within walking distance from the sea.

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"Essay On Travelling By Boat" Essays and Research Papers Essay On Travelling By Boat The Boat Response Paper By: Sierra Selleck The short story “The Boat ” by Alistair MacLeod that was written in , is a story about conflict between tradition and freedom.

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