Vietnam retail analysis

Key factors in the growth of retail industry are robust economic growth, rising population, growing youth segment, changing consumer trends, rising purchasing power and penetration of international players.

Vietnam retail analysis

In NovemberJD. Noteworthy deals include the following: Warburg also established a joint venture with Becamex Industrial Development Corporation to invest in industrial real estate and logistics services with a capital of USD million. Share acquisitions by foreign purchasers are commonly structured as offshore direct investments.

The new investor can: Acquire shares or capital contributions from an existing shareholder in the target for example, a joint stock company, limited liability company, and so on. Subscribe for newly issued shares of the target for a joint stock company.

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Make further capital contributions to the target for a limited liability company. In the case of an asset deal, a foreign purchaser must generally establish a new subsidiary in Vietnam. One or more companies of the same type can be merged into another company by transferring all assets, rights, obligations and interests to the merged company, terminating the existence of the merging company.

Now, the foreign investors must seek approval from the local Department of Planning and Investment of the transaction if the: Target company operates in conditional business sectors applicable for foreign investors.

In recent months, private equity funds have been following the securities market in Vietnam, especially companies carrying out value chain operations. Consumer goods and infrastructure are the sectors that attract the most attention.

However, due to limited publicly available information, it is not possible to fully assess the level of private equity-backed bids.

Online Retail in Vietnam industry profile provides top-line qualitative and quantitative summary information including: market size (value , and forecast to ). The profile also contains descriptions of the leading players including key financial metrics and analysis of competitive pressures within the market. Scope. Vietnam consumer goods and retail service offers analysis, data and forecasts from The EIU to support industry executives' decision-making. Retail industry in the Vietnam region will expand at a CAGR of % over Vietnam retail market is characterized as most dynamic in Asia. Retail sales is forecasted to reach $ billion USD in

The transaction can be conducted when the VCA issues a written confirmation that the transaction is not prohibited under competition law. The case is still at the examination stage. For more information on the VCA, see www.

Another factor includes the high pressure faced by the government to privatise state-owned enterprises to meet requirements under signed trade pacts, especially the EU — Vietnam Free Trade Agreement, which is expected to come into force in Encouraging signs for foreign investment include: Reformed policies to allow wider access to foreign investors.

Equitization of state-owned enterprises will speed up.

Vietnam retail analysis

Different licensing procedures applied to different types of transactions for example, for foreign invested companies and domestic companies, public companies and private companies, and for buying state-owned shares or private shares.

Acquisitions and anti-acquisitions, particularly in the real estate sector.According to RNCOS analysis, after WTO access, international retailers will try to capture the Vietnam retail market and domestic retail shops that will not be able to compete with them.

Most Vietnamese supermarket are small and independent and they couldn’t dream of . e-commerce in Vietnam has grown substantially over the last five years to reach nearly $ billion in and accounts for percent of all retail sales. Latest updates on retail. According to the General Statistics Office, Vietnam’s retail revenues for came in at USD billion, growing at % year over year.

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IBM Analytics for Retail - New technologies have permanently transformed how consumers communicate, interact and research - and how they shop for goods and services. Retailers must respond to the disrupted retail landscape and changing consumer expectations by finding new ways to understand, engage and serve consumers in an always-on, tech-addicted world.

Vietnam’s population of approximately 90 million4 (see Figure 1) is the main driver of growth in the retail market. 70% of the population is currently aged between 15 and 64 years, and this is projected to continue to increase by.

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