Vmobile business presentation 2012 election

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Vmobile business presentation 2012 election

Right time for e-voting Features of the week: Practice makes vmobile business presentation 2012 election … An old time adage has it that practice makes perfect and obviously this is hinged on both physical and visible experiences of the past. As such, there is no innovation that does not have an improved version and electronic voting system is not an exception.

Additionally, it could be easily adapted for use by the blind. As well, it affords people the courage of voting securely and in secret, to name a few. While making a case for e-voting at the Senate recently, he noted that even the national identity card could be deployed, which is yet to go round, to ensure one-man one-vote, as well as thumb printing.

Conversely, EVS has some shortcomings, which include acceptance by political class, its cost of implementation, which is usually high and ability to confer confidence in the election results generated automatically.

Even as there is no open audit probably to allow individual voters on the platform to verify results afterwards. This is not to say that disadvantages outweigh the advantages in any way. Anatomy of e-voting Historically, e-voting traverses mere electronic system, meaning it could be used whether on or off line.

vmobile business presentation 2012 election

Whilst the online version could go for a voting via the Internet, it could also be used without being connected to the Internet or World Wide Web www. First kind of these models were introduced inwhen Mr.

However, advancement has continued to change the evolution methodologies from one inventor to another, creating a divide between the machine and system in EVS.

Most systems deployed for electronic voting usually have other functions to go with and could be said to be a general communication systems. Since voting is a form of getting together of people in a given state to form a consensus or otherwise on issues and for those who mount the saddle of leadership, specifically.

A professor turned Senator was quoted as not understanding what INEC meant by the system at his level of education, let alone an illiterate rural farmer. This goes to say that before advent of any technology in every society there are some wise illiterates, whilst experiment and perfecting act continue.

Proponents though were not assuring of per cent accuracy, but concerned with improving level of accuracy during elections. A Lagos-based social critic, Mr.

Charles Okoh, noted equally the essence of rural electrification, which would encourage political class to ensure that financial votes received for rural development are used appropriately and bringing about good governance. Wondering what it should have looked like if Nigeria had waited for all citizens to become literate before embracing much touted technologies like the Global System for Mobile communications GSM among others, yet many illiterate Nigerians now own and use GSM phones, just five years after.

Mba Nwakanma, described it as a great idea, imploring political class to let the system be and devoid of any form of manipulations.

For Chief executive of Connect Technologies, Mr.

vmobile business presentation 2012 election

Emphasizing its impact on national security dwells on imperativeness of having a national database structure for the country. Iwu recently in Abuja, maintaining EVS remains an integral part of the general elections. Andy Ezeani, informed that although INEC is not particular about any EVM, stressed that entries were received globally; from United States, Europe, Israel, Asia and Africa, for the production and supply of the machine, including the Security and Mint, a subsidiary of Central Bank of Nigeria apart from four firms that participated in the pilot scheme.

Explaining that EVS is a system and not a machine, consist of four modules, namely electronic voters register, electronic authentication of voters card, electronic voting machine EVM and automatic transmission of election results. Though with EVS, he said, there will be paper print out of votes, the result is transmitted instantly to the polling stations and the INEC headquarters with underlining idea to forestall anyone carrying ballot papers or ballot box.

Calling Information ministry Senator Mrs. Daisy Danjuma in her submission on EVS, lamented that its introduction seems inappropriate due to time left for enlightenment before the election, so as to enable Nigerians understand the intrigues.

What matters now is aggressive enlightenment from every angle and mostly by Information Ministry led by Mr. Time it is said waits for no man and a child begins to master the act of walking by standing and falling; thus its not out of place if Nigeria starts e-voting now or if Mr.Mesa | United States.

the ability to achieve business plans for Harris Stratex; long as the shares of Harris Stratex common stock held by Harris entitle Harris to cast a majority of the votes at an election of the directors of Harris Stratex (other than those directors appointed by Harris separately as a class).

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